Planning for Sustainability is one of the very few dedicated organisations that is able to deliver a truly integrated multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development in London. We work from project strategy to planning consent and implementation.

Project Strategy

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Impact studies

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Sustainable design

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We provide a range of services:

  • Planning requirement analysis
  • Sustainable design brief
  • Scoping report
  • Pre-planning consultation reports
  • Breeam advice and assessments
  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Climate change resilience

Project strategy

The planning system has changed, and it effects the design process. Sustainable development is now an integrated part of the planning system and the requirements have become much more advanced. Topics requiring consideration include energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, sustainable drainage, biodiversity and green roofs, noise and air quality. All these topics require specific expertise.

We can help you navigate the myriad of requirements right from the start of a project. We don’t provide vague opportunities, no wishy-washy stories or “wouldn’t it be nice to have…”. We will explain to you the hard requirements that need to be met and provide guidance and information on how to achieve this.

Sustainable design

We advise on sustainable design and climate change resilience:

Carry out assessments and prepare planning report

We provide a range of studies and reports to support planning applications, including:


We had a really difficult time to get our project through planning. Planning for Sustainability prepared a series of clear reports that showed how our project complied with planning policy. We were finally granted planning consent.

We engaged Planning for Sustainability right from the start of our project. Their pre-application consultation report saved me a lot of time. It also helped to reduce the number of additional reports we needed to include with our plannig application.”

Knowledgeable and professional people at Planning for Sustainability.

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