Sustainable Design and Construction

For developers that want to retain control over direction, design and cost of their development projects.

Promoting sustainable development is a core objective of the planning system. The planning requirements with regards to sustainable development can therefore be elaborate and demanding.

We help you to ensure that your building design will meet the requirements and is easy to implement and remains cost-effective.

We even provide a risk-free RIBA Stage 0 sustainability strategy report to give your project a flying start.

Sustainable development requires consideration of  many interacting topics: water and energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing of materials, climate change adaptation including avoidance of overheating in buildings, biodiversity, sustainable urban drainage systems, noise and air quality.

The complex interactions need a systematic and integrated approach.

Planning for Sustainability is one of the very few dedicated organisations that is able to deliver a truly integrated multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development in the UK.

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