Why work with us?

You need a partner that can guide you through the sustainability requirements.

The planning system has changed and it effects the design process. Sustainable development is now an integrated part of the planning system and the requirements have become much more advanced. Topics requiring consideration include energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, sustainable drainage, biodiversity and green roofs, noise and air quality. All these topics require specific expertise.

The Problem

This wide variety of topics, the detailed requirements within each of these and their interaction makes addressing sustainability a complex affair. There is a risk that your consultants work in silos and you spend too much time managing disjointed teams of specialists.

The result?

Late minute changes, slipping deadlines, late design alterations, increased costs, compromises on quality. Running from crisis to crisis. You know everyone needs to collaborate on complex challenges but struggle to make it happen.

The solution

You need a partner that can guide you through the sustainability requirements. Someone who can advise you on a wide variety of topics, carry out the studies and give a clear list of requirements that your design needs to comply with.

That is exactly where my team can help. We don’t provide vague opportunities, no wishy-washy stories or “wouldn’t it be nice to haveā€¦”. We will explain to you the hard requirements that need to be met and provide guidance and information on how to achieve this.

If you are starting a project or are in the proposal stage of a new opportunity you should call me now and learn more about how we can help. You can ring me on 0207 112 7590.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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