Odeon Theatre, Leicester

Analysis of Daylight and Sunlight Impact of the redevelopment the old Odeon Theatre in Leicester

Site redevelopment

A developer proposed to redevelop a site in Hammersmith and Fulham comprising a petrol station. The proposed new development comprises a five storey building with retail space on the ground floor and 18 flats on floors 1-4.

The project required a full analysis of the daylight and sunlight impacts of the project and Planning for Sustainability provided the analys and reporting for this.

The following parameters were analysed:

  • Sunlight impact on neigbouring properties (Annual Probable Sunlight Hours)
  • Sunlight availability for proposed flats (Annual Probable Sunlight Hours)
  • Daylight effect on neighbouring properties (Vertical Sky Component)
  • Daylight distribtion in proposed flats (Average Daylight Factor)
  • Overshadowing of neigbouring garden space
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