Daylight Planning Support

Tailored advice and compliance reports in support of development projects.

Impact on Neighboruing Properties

The impact of proposed new development on the daylight and sunlight avaialbility in neighbouring properties is a material planning consideration and local planners often ask for a daylight report to be submitted as part of your planning application. We provide expert advice and support your planning application. Read more>>>

Daylight and Sunlight Quality

The availability of adequate levels of daylight and sunlight within the habitable rooms in new development is a material consideration in plannign applications. It is also one of the exlicit requirements for new residential units created by converting non-residential properties under the prior approval provisions. Read more>>>

Right to Light

Building new buildings can have an impact to the right to light of neighbouring properties.Having received planning permission does not protect a developer from litigation in the civil courts and it is important to be aware of both dimensions. Our Right of Light surveyors can advise on both matters. Read more>>>

Bats and Artifical Light

Lighting in the vicinity of a bat roost could constitute an offence since it causes disturbance and potential abandonment of the roost. New development projects canĀ  reduce negative impacts of lighting on bats by utilisingĀ  advice from suitably experienced ecological consultants and lighting experts from the start of a project. Read more>>>

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