Climate Change Adaptation

Managing overheating risks in new buildings

A substantial number of existing homes are falling short of the new overheating standard for new constructions, necessitating retrofitting efforts across the housing stock. This is crucial to mitigate the risk of overheating, particularly in the face of a projected 4°C global warming scenario. A recent study conducted on behalf of the Climate Change Committee underscores the real challenges faced by the UK housing stock in meeting these new standards. The mitigation packages required for adapting existing homes to global warming scenarios entail significant costs.

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Mitigating overheating risks in existing housing stock is a financially demanding task. It is much better to adapt new homes to future global warming scenarios. The existing building regulations lack comprehensive coverage of parameters essential for new buildings to withstand anticipated temperature characteristics in the future. However, many planning authorities are introducing planning policies to address this gap.

Planning for Sustainability provides guidance and methodologies for developers to design and construct homes that demonstrate resilience to future global warming scenarios. We have developed an Overheating Risk Calculation tool to see what the risks of your project are.

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