Energy Planning Support

Tailored advice and compliance reports in support of development projects.

Project Energy Strategy

How energy is provided in new buildings is greatly influenced by planning policy. To ensure an optimal set of measures that are practical and cost effective to implement a strategic approach is needed. We can help you identify requirements and opportunities at an early stage to ensure the potential of the building is maximised. Read more>>>

Energy Statement

The carbon emissions associated with the energy use within new buildings is a material planning consideration and most, if not all, local planning authorities will require an energy statement to be submitted with the planning application of new buildings. Read more>>>


With the increase of annual temperatures and particularly the hotter summers, it is becoming clear that in a business as usual scenario many new homes will be uncomfortably hot during the summer months of the near future. Planning policy is rapidly cathcing up on addressing overheating concerns and new project. We help our clients with identifying and developing design solutions to reduce the risks. Read more>>>

PV Strategy

It is inevitable that photovoltaic cells need to be considered in any new construction project. They provide a cheap form of energy, are relatively straightforward to implement and helpto reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We help our clients to maximise the benefit of inlcuding solar panels in new building designs. Read more>>>

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