Air Quality Planning Support

Tailored advice and compliance reports in support of development projects.

Baseline Assessment

A baseline air quality assessment considers the current air quality on a development site. It provides an indication of the suitability of the site for people working and living there and identifies the need for any specific mitigation that may be required.

Air Quality Neutral

‘Air Quality Neutral’ is a concept use within the Greater London Area for developments that do not contribute to air pollution beyond allowable benchmarks. Development projects that do not meet the Air Quality Neutral test are required to make a financial contribution towards mitigation of the harm caused by low air quality.

Air Quality Impact

The majority of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) have been declared in relation to road transport emissions. Where a development proposal would introduce new exposure or increasing the number of vehicles using the local road network and the site is close to or within an AQMA, the local authority often requests an air quality assessment report to be submitted with the planning application.

Construction Dust Control

Emissions of dust to air can occur during the preparation of the land (e.g. demolition, land clearing, and earth moving), and during construction. For development projects a risk assessment and strategy to manage the identified risks should be included in the air faulty report submitted with planning applications.

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